DWO Web Portal 4.2 Release Notes

Slide Outs All of the major grids now support the “Slide Out”.  Slide Out makes it so that when you click on the details of a grid line (like the on the “Works” grid below), the details will slide out from the right, instead of refreshing your browser into that detail page. Calendar The Calendar…

4.264 Release Notes

This release has more fixes for the intermittent bugs on older devices, along with 2 new features. First is the “Clear All” Button (The “X” next to the Email Icon), which clears all your answers on the form screen. Second is the “Easy Mode” for inspections.  A new option can be set on the Organization…

4.233 Release Notes

Version 4.233 has been released. This release is a continuation of the previous upload and overall performance updates. Included in the release are the following: – Reduced Logging for Customers who don’t have the verbose login checked – Upload Tweaks. Reduced upload sizes for quicker uploads and less data consumption – Misc Fixes

4.216 Release Notes

The following Items have been addressed in this new release: Upload Tweaks Uploading large work orders, with multiple high resolution photos are still intermittently problematic, especially when internet connection upload speeds are below 5MBPS. This release has tweaks intended to address those issues. Fix for Prev/Next Logic An issue has been found that prevented a…

4.184 Release Notes

This version reduces the upload times to accommodate for slower connections. In addition, a fix for lags on larger work orders and a fix for validation is also included. Reduced Upload Sizes Performance Enhancement for Large Workorders Validation Fixes